7 Reasons Why Private Jet Travel Is So Special!

Private jet travel in the past was only available to billionaires and only a few of the rich and famous. It still is expensive today but more available than ever before.

You can experience the luxury inside a private jet if you choose a charter company for fraction of the price of owning your own private jet.

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In this blog post, you will get to know some of the main reasons why private jet travel is so special. Those are:

  1. It saves time
  2. You create the schedule
  3. You will travel faster
  4. Skip the lines at the airports
  5. Privacy so you can get the work done
  6. You are in full control
  7. Private jets are pet-friendly

1. Private jet travel saves time

As you are already familiar with, flying in commercial planes you always have to hurry to the airports before your departure schedule.

save time - clock - watch - time
Save your time and get private jet travel today!

If you arrive at the boarding gates a few minutes before the departure time, you are almost certainly not getting on that plane.

Let’s not forget about arrival. You can get stuck at the bag pick-up area trying to find your bag, or even your luggage may get lost. That is a big hustle.

In the case of private jet travel, you don’t have to worry about the plane taking off without you.

It is desired to arrive 10-15 minutes before your flight, but there shouldn’t be any problems if you arrive in the nick of time or are a few minutes late.

You will spend less time at the airport. As jets are smaller than regular airliners, they can land in minor airports. This means that you don’t have to travel far to get to the airport.

These airports are smaller and this means that they are less congested. Your experience will be better and you won’t have to deal with walking around a huge airport.

The schedule of the private jet adjusts to meet your needs. In the sphere of commercial flying, it is the other way around.

2. You create the schedule

Time is luxury! For many of us, this statement is completely true. There are many things and responsibilities that we must juggle on a daily basis, and every minute counts.

creating schedule for private jet travel - scheduling
Create your own schedule for private jet travel!

An advantage you have when chartering a private jet is the freedom you have in creating your schedule. You don’t have to worry if the meeting lasts longer than expected if something urgent comes up.

Rerouting or delaying your flights is very easy. Simply inform the flight crew so that they can make the changes in route or schedule for you.

3. Reach the destination faster

Private jets are not tied to the same hub and spoke networks commercial airlines use. This means that if your plane has big enough fuel capacity to reach your direction, you will fly directly there. No more layovers and time wasted.

These planes climb faster by design than airliners. This means that they exit bad weather more quickly and a result are faster.

Commercial jets cruise around 1066 meters (35000 feet).

Smaller jets fly higher. This means that they are above the traffic, meaning that they fly more direct routes as they don’t compete with bigger planes for space. Also, they take advantage of better winds while avoiding adverse weather.

4. Private jet travel allows you to skip the long lines at the airport

No more waiting in the long lines at the airport feeling like an ant. Say goodbye to the crowded airport and many security checks before getting to the boarding gate.

crowded airport
Crowded airport

All these things can make you regret going on the trip in the first place.

With a private jet travel, you get the stress-free check-in and boarding process. It will definitely start your travel on a high note.

5. Privacy so you can get the work done

Not only will you be traveling faster and stop wasting time, but also you will have privacy to get the work done when you are traveling by a private plane.

Noting compares to private charter flights when it comes to this, not even first or business class. Speaking of which you cannot have confidential conversations when you are traveling like that.

A survey by the National Business Aviation Association states that those traveling on company aircraft were 20% more productive than in the office. While at the same time productivity decreased by 40% if commercial air travel was used.

It is no wonder why companies use a lot of money, tens of millions, to invest in their own jets. It is not about comfort. It is about saving time and money.

6. You will be in control

Private jets allow you to be in control of things.

You will decide the time, place, and where you want to go. All the ropes will be in your hands. No longer will you have to stress over things being out of your control.

7. Your pets get to travel in comfort with you.

We cannot help but be worried about our pets when they are inside the cargo area of commercial planes.  For most of us, they are like members of our family and we want them to be by our side wherever we go.

pet friendly private jet
Private jets are pet friendly!

Even though the temperature, pressure, and oxygen are regulated in the cargo area they are not the same as in the cabin. Some animals cannot handle these conditions or to be stored in a small space during long flights. Unfortunately, some beloved pets have lost their lives during air travel in the cargo area.

Your fur babies will get to travel next to you in safety, luxury, and comfort they deserve when you fly private. A pet-friendly private jet is all you need, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

2 common questions about private jet travel

There are many questions that refer to this topic. We chose to answer the top 2 that most people are interested in.

How far can private jet travel?

The answer to this question is as far as you need it to.

The distance is determined by the size of the private plane. As most of them are designed to carry groups of 20 people or less they don’t have the fuel capacities commercial airplanes do.

Never the less, a typical range a private jet can fly on a single tank is about 2414 kilometers (1500 miles) for a small aircraft.

flying above clouds
Flying above clouds

Some bigger private jets have bigger fuel capacity and can even make intercontinental flights. They have ranges of 6437 meters (4000 miles) and can make trips across the oceans.

Can private jets fly anywhere?

Private jet travel is very convenient for many reasons. One of them is having access to five times more airports than commercial planes.

They don’t need as long runways and can land in smaller airports that are unavailable to commercial airlines.

So, to answer this question: YES, PRIVATE JETS CAN FLY ANYWHERE.


There is no denying that private jet travel is a very special experience.

It saves time, allows for flexibility, is faster, pet-friendly, enables full privacy and for you to be and stay in control. Private jets can take you anywhere and even make intercontinental flights.

Flying private is expensive, but with the price tag comes special treatment and other perks you will never have during commercial flights.

Hire a private jet now!

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