Dedicated aircraft management for jet owners

Aircraft management

Eliminating technical, administrative and operating difficulties one jet at a time

Aircraft management
Owning, operating and managing an aircraft is a challenge for any owner. United
Eagle offers the perfect solution: we will manage and operate the aircraft on your
behalf. Enjoy the full range of services with special focus on safety, service and
Our dedicated aircraft management service allows
you to reap the benefits of your
investment – unparalleled convenience, flexibility and reliability every day, all year

Safe, reliable and efficient private jet management

United Eagle aircraft management is a perfect solution for any jet owner to
fully utilize their jet without the usual headaches related to the owning, operating
and managing the aircraft.
Our managing model differs from the models used by big operators of the
world in that it removes the inconveniences associated with owning the aircraft and focuses on the advantages only. Our clients maintain the flexibility of ownership, yet reap the full benefits of financial and administrative controls, further combined with strict compliance to regulatory standards of aircraft maintenance and safety.
We work in strict accordance to the international regulations, ensuring that your aircraft receives optimal safety and performance standards. One of our keys to success is our highly dedicated and experienced team of professional dedicated to each of our clients’ accounts and an organizational structure that supports highest quality of service 100% of the time.


  1. Getting the best return from aircraft ownership
  2. Superior asset protection
  3. Taking the worry out of aircraft ownership
  4. Delivering the highest level of inflight service
  5. Total transparency and clear reporting
  6. Equal attention to management and charter

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