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Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)

A hassle-free approach to airworthiness management

About CAMO
We provide customized solutions for Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization that fits your needs perfectly. Our CAMO services aim to ensure aircraft airworthiness 100% of the time, maximizing aircraft availability for our clients.
Our CAMO services are specifically tailored to your needs, allowing us to provide customized solutions with flexibility and high standards of utility.

Reliable CAMO services

Owning and managing a private jet is a demanding task requiring fulfilling several technical and legal prerequisites, some of which can pose daunting problems to the owner. Our CAMO service team is able to support jet owners in meeting those requirements.

Our CAMO is a dependable partner for fulfilling all requirements issued from manufacturers and authorities. The documentation provided must match the technical status of the aircraft at all times, something that we take great pride in doing both efficiently and on time.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance oversight of the following services:

  • Development, Revision and Control of A Maintenance Programme
  • Planning and Co-ordination of All Scheduled Maintenance Activities in
    Accordance With the Approved Maintenance Programme
  • Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) Assessment and
  • Management of Aircraft Technical Logs, Maintenance and Technical Records
  • Management of Modification and Repairs
  • Co-ordination of Aircraft Defects and Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Situations
  • Reliability Monitoring
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI)
  • Import/Export of Aircraft

UE CAMO Approval Certificate FORM 14 Rev 06

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