Become a flight dispatcher

Flight Dispatcher School

The Flight Dispatcher Training Center

United Eagle offers regular Initial training courses for Flight Dispatcher in the seminar program. The training is available both to novices and the experienced aviation experts seeking for conversion.

Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is composed according to the highest requirements for Flight Dispatcher training therefore it is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical.

Become a Flight Dispatcher
Short Overview

To ensure that theoretical training is well absorbed, practical part is conducted in the actual work environment and the flight simulator. There are 8 classes per day, 6 days a week. It is pretty compressed and tough training which requires hard work and commitment to the work.

All subjects and exercises are held by experienced aviation professionals from many different areas of aviation. All of them are carefully selected and led by Head of the Flight Dispatch Training Center Mr. Bojan Nikolić, whose experience and knowledge made him one of the most appreciated professionals in Serbia.

Every instructor is licensed and registered in Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia. The entire course is approved and regulated by ICAO Phase 1 of Doc 7192 D3 and endorsed by Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia.

The training center will help you with accommodation, transportation, administration and all other needs you may have during your stay in Belgrade.

Course Subjects

Theoretical training consist of various aviation subjects:

  • Definitions and Terms
  • Introduction to aircraft performance
  • Basic Knowledge of Aircrafts
  • Air Navigation
  • Radio Communication
  • Human factor
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Theory of Flying
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Operational Procedures
  • Weight and Balance

Why Become a Flight Dispatcher?

With our flight dispatcher certificate in your hands, you can apply for a theoretical and practical exam with the Serbian DCA in order to obtain your licence. When you pass the exam, you are issued a flight dispatcher licence in accordance to ICAO regulations which is acceptable worldwide.

Flight dispatchers, just like the airline pilots are needed the most in the regions where aviation is booming. Those definitely involve majority of Asia and Middle East regions, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. Overall, Flight dispatcher occupation is expected to see 11% to 20% growth until 2020.


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