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We in United Eagle have been proudly pushing the boundaries of delivering excellent service for both business and leisure charter travellers. Our mission is to push those boundaries even further in terms of luxury and comfort. Our vision is to redefine the industry standards by providing immaculate travel experience.


Nous entretenons notre identité d’entreprise grâce à notre excellent dossier de sécurité au sein de la DGAC et à l’expérience de vol ultime que nous offrons à nos clients. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous avons de nombreux clients qui reviennent chez nous et qui sont toujours impatients de voler à nouveau avec nous.

We place flight safety at the heart of our corporate culture, an indispensable asset which is never compromised.

We nurture our corporate identity with excellent safety record in the CAA and through the ultimate flying experience we provide to our clients.

This is the reason why we have many return customers who specifically always look forward to fly with us again.

We are reliable and flexible, offering the ability to book flights with as little as 1.5 hour notice, every day, all year long.

About us

United Eagle LTD employs 23 professionals within the aviation field. The employees have extensive experience both in military and civil aviation including flight schools, instructor positions, CAA roles and more. They are all highly respected among aviation circles in the region.

Our company is a small family of professionals working
together. We cherish our company and its values; therefore, we do our job with passion whilst serving our clients with loyalty, transparency and maximum flexibility:

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